Saturday, May 30, 2020

Persepolis Rising: a very short review

Persepolis Rising is the 7th book in The Expanse series of sci fi novels written by James S.A. Corey (a pen name for the writing duo of Ty Frank and Daniel Abraham).

Reading The Expanse is kind of like eating a big plate full of homemade Mac and Cheese (and I do mean a big plate -- each book in the series is over 500 pages). I know that homemade Mac and Cheese is not the best choice for my diet: the pasta goes straight to my hips and the cheese clogs my arteries. But boy does it taste good! It's the ultimate comfort food, sending sensory pleasure signals directly to the receptors in my brain.

And I know that whenever I get that urge, I can just have a plate of homemade Mac and Cheese, and I know exactly what to expect: hot, cheesy, chewy goodness.

So it is with a new volume of The Expanse, and Persepolis Rising delivers exactly what I anticipated: pounding outer-space action and adventure from the first page to the last, heros and villains, thrills and chills throughout.

In order to crank out 4,000+ pages of space epic, of course, the authors become rather formulaic, and Persepolis Rising is quite comfortably within the bounds that they have set with the previous 6 volumes.

But I'm quite near the end, now; there's only one book left in the series.

I shall surely read to the end.

After I finish a bunch of other books that are ahead of it on my list.

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