Friday, June 23, 2023

Short update on the Caldecott seepage

SFGate is carrying a short article on the water seepage in Bore 1 and Bore 2 of the Caldecott tunnel: The mystery of why there's water in the Caldecott Tunnel solved

Caltrans spokesperson Bart Ney told SFGATE that water is seeping into the bores from the hillside above the tunnel that was soaked in the winter rains. Even though the rains are over, the water is still coming off the hills.

“We had a big storm season this year, and there’s a lot of runoff that comes off the hillside,” Ney said over the phone Thursday. “That water has been collecting since the storms started happening earlier this year. The water in the tunnel is not even an inch deep. It’s just wet.”

Water, water everywhere...

“There’s calcium that has built up in those drains, and it has calcified. "

Got it.