My Backpacking Trips with Mike

Here's my running record of my backpacking trips with Mike:

  1. Russian Wilderness, Hogan Lake, Taylor Lake Trailhead
  2. No trip in 2022, McKinney Fire
  3. Leavitt Meadows Trailhead, Hoover Wilderness
  4. No trip in 2020 (COVID-19)
  5. Ansel Adams Wilderness, Vandeburg Lake
  6. Marble Mountains Wilderness, Cliff Lake
  7. South Fork of the Salmon River, Trinity Alps (2017)
  8. Connell's Cow Camp, Upper Fish Valley, Carson-Iceberg Wilderness (2016)
  9. Paynes Lake, Russian Wilderness (2015)
  10. Matlock Lake, John Muir Wilderness (2014)
  11. Mokelumne Wilderness: Grouse Lake from the Upper Blue Lake trailhead (2013)
  12. Yosemite National Park: Rancheria Creek from the Hetch Hetchy dam trailhead (2012)
  13. Caribou Wilderness: Posey Lake from the Hay Meadow trailhead (2011)
  14. Trinity Alps Wilderness: Lilypad Lake via Poison Canyon (2010)
  15. John Muir Wilderness: Baboon Lake from the Lake Sabrina trailhead (2009)
  16. Yosemite National Park: unnamed lake below Mt Hoffman from the May Lake trailhead (2008)
  17. Emigrant Wilderness: Relief Reservoir via Kennedy Meadows trailhead, with Dan (2007?)
  18. No trip in 2006?
  19. No trip in 2005?
  20. Yosemite National Park: Rancheria Creek from the Hetch Hetchy dam trailhead (2004 -- yes, we did this trip twice)
  21. Hoover Wilderness: Robinson Lakes via the Twin Lakes trailhead (2003?)
  22. Sequoia National Park: Mosquito Lakes from the Mineral King trailhead (2002?)
  23. No trip in 2001?
  24. John Muir Wilderness: South Fork of the San Joaquin River from the Florence Lakes trailhead (Deb sez: "the tickets I have for Florence Lake Ferry are stamped Aug 25 2000")
  25. Desolation Wilderness: American Lake from the Echo Lakes trailhead. (1999?)

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