Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fremont BART

Southwest Airlines is apparently trying to get people to use their new service from the San Francisco Airport (until recently, they served only Oakland and San Jose). So they are running a discount where it is much cheaper to fly on Southwest if you fly from SFO, than from Oakland or San Jose.

(Southwest does this sort of thing all the time, apparently. Recently my wife and daughter flew up north to visit the University of Oregon and the University of Washington. Southwest wanted $69 per person to fly to Portland, and $141 per person to fly to Seattle. So they flew to Portland.)

Anyway, my friend lives in Fremont, and his family happened to be making their college trip, to LA. So they noticed that Southwest wanted $119 to fly from either Oakland or San Jose to LA, but only $39 (!!) to fly from SFO. So they bought tickets from SFO.

Then, although he lives just 7 miles from either San Jose or Oakland, he needed to get the family to SFO. So, he simply dropped them off at Fremont BART.

This reminded me of our recent visit to the UCSC campus. During the tour, one of the prospective students asked how kids generally went to events up in the Bay Area. Apparently, there is a shuttle bus which runs between the Santa Cruz campus and Fremont BART.

"From there, you can get anywhere in the Bay Area", the guide chirped.

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