Friday, May 1, 2009

Derby 10.5 released

Yay! Derby 10.5 has been released!

I didn't contribute any major fixes to this release, but I still feel like I was a part of the release. There are a lot of ways to be part of an open source community; the Derby web site talks about a number of different types of contribution to the community. For this particular release, I was primarily involved by answering questions on the various lists, reviewing and helping to test changes, contributing to the wiki, voting on proposals, etc.

As the announcement indicates, Derby 10.5 contained a number of intriguing features. Over on his weblog, Knut has been discussing some of them in greater detail. Although the Derby development community is somewhat smaller than it was a few years back, it is still quite active and there is a lot of interesting work occurring.

I'm already looking forward to Derby 10.6!

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