Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cat 2, Dell 0

I'm now on my third power supply for my old Dell laptop.

This laptop is great; it's reliable and plenty powerful for my needs. I run Ubuntu on it, and use it as an alternate machine for learning about various new technology.

However, the battery is essentially defunct, so I have to run it in an always-plugged-in configuration, which means that the laptop power supply is always connected to the laptop, and to the wall.

Unfortunately, one of the pets in my house (my wife's money is on the cat) apparently thinks that this particular power cord is tasty.

Twice now, in an 18 month period, the cat has chewed sufficiently far through the power cord to short it out, and ruin it.

Happily, replacing a Dell D610 power supply is not the end of the world.

And it's very nice to get my laptop back into operation (I suspect I have quite a lot of Ubuntu updates to apply).

But why does the cat like to chew on this cord?

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