Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Why kitchen remodelling is like a software project

We've been extremely busy over the last two months, remodelling our kitchen. We didn't really intend to remodel the kitchen this summer, but our dishwasher broke and leaked water under the floorboards, ruining the flooring and cabinets, and made our decision for us.

It's been interesting work, and it's caused me to think a lot about how remodelling your kitchen has a lot of similarities to running a software project. I'll be writing more about some of these ideas in some future posts, but here's a simple summary:

  • Requirements are unclear

  • Design is challenging

  • Communication is crucial

  • Teams must form and operate effectively

  • You have to take things apart to understand how they are built

  • Infrastructure is crucial

  • Every job is custom, even though we use many components

  • Scheduling is complex

  • You're never really done

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