Friday, November 6, 2009

Google have open-sourced their JavaScript library

Another powerful and sophisticated open source JavaScript library has joined the party.

Among the things that seem interesting about Google Closure are:

  • Their approach is to introduce an explicit compilation step, so that developers can feel confident in writing well-commented maintainable source, which is then compiled by the Closure compiler down to a smaller and tighter deployable JavaScript program

  • They've gone with a templating approach. Templating approaches seem to come and go, dating back to things like ASP and JSP last century, and probably older systems before that -- I think ColdFusion was a templating system.

  • Their infrastructure runs both server-side and client-side, and supports Java as the implementation language on the server-side (and of course JavaScript as the language on the client side.

Since this library is from Google, you can be sure that it is thorough, powerful, and sophisticated, and therefore worthy of study.

I guess that means I've got something else to learn about now!

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