Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's the double whammy

On July 16th, I severely strained my hamstring playing soccer, so I've been more-or-less laid up since then (it's recovering nicely, thank you!). I was Mr Limp-a-lot for the Chicago trip, which turned out to be OK, because between the 98 degree heat and the unbelievable thuderstorms, nobody was really up for a lot of walking anyway.

Then, when I get back, the dry, scratchy feeling in my throat flares up into a full-blown case of Strep. Ugh. Now it's 5 days with me and the Z-pak -- did you know it was discovered in Croatia?

My goal at this point is just to get healthy in time to go backpacking in 10 days. Please! Getting back onto the regular exercise regimen will just have to wait a few weeks...

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