Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Did Yahoo Mail change its opinion of Chrome recently?

I typically read my Yahoo email via Google Chrome on Ubuntu Linux, which is my primary home browser platform of late.

Until recently, Yahoo email would give me a warning, but then had a "if you wish to proceed to use all-new Yahoo email anyway, press this button".

And pressing the button would indeed take me through to the Yahoo email screen, which seemed to work fine with Google's Chrome browser.

However, starting today, I get a screen that says:

Sorry, the all-new Yahoo! Mail does not support your browser.

You can either download a compatible browser or proceed to Yahoo! Mail Classic.

And it flat-out refuses to let me use the new Yahoo email. Instead, the only choice it gives me is to use Yahoo email classic.

Which is fine; Yahoo email classic works just fine for reading and writing mail.

But still, I wonder what changed? I was able to use the new Yahoo email with Google Chrome as recently as yesterday morning, and I don't recall changing anything relevant since then.

Was this a change on Yahoo's part? Or on Google's? Anyone know?

Update: As a helpful commenter pointed out, I appear to have recently upgraded to Chrome 10, without paying much attention to that, and this may have been what causes Yahoo to fail to recognize my browser.

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  1. i guess you did change to chrome 10 (beta) i have the same issue since then ;)