Friday, April 29, 2011

Natty Narwhal may be a bit immature

Well, I took the plunge and upgraded to Ubuntu 11.04. The upgrade was successful, and this post is brought to you from an 11.04 desktop.

However, I've already had one strange crash, something that never happened to me with previous Ubuntu versions. I was just using Thunderbird, and I dismissed a dialog, closed a message window, and my Window Manager restarted. I don't think my entire machine rebooted, just the UI session. Hmmm...

So, you may not wish to rush to upgrade your own system...

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  1. Interesting observations, I mistakenly upgraded as well... I should really listen to my friends advice more !! Don't upgrade to the next realise until it's 6 months post release !! Intel Graphics still not working ... doesn't even recognise as VGA, desktop effects no longer work ... still, at lease my re installed Thunderbird works now !! Antony, Farnham UK