Friday, May 13, 2011

Google IO 2011 is complete.

Well, Google IO 2011 is now complete. Here's a nice summary from Google, with pointers to lots of additional information. And here are some randomly-selected reviews by people who were actually there:

(Well, OK, I'm not sure those last folks were actually at the conference...)

From a big-picture point of view, it seems like the biggest questions remain:

  • How will the Chrome-vs-Android strategy play out? Will one or the other turn out to dominate? Or will both platforms find broad user bases?

  • What happens with Android and Java as the Oracle lawsuit plays out?

  • Will Google try to compete directly with Amazon, Microsoft, EMC, etc. in the cloud? Or will they continue on their own very Google-like path?

At a more detailed, technical level, the announcement that I found most interesting was that the Go programming language is being offered on Google App Engine. Go is obviously developing very rapidly. I've been paying attention to it when I can, but I haven't really gotten serious about it; perhaps it's time to start digging in and doing more than just watching the language from the sidelines.

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