Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weekly's intro to stock and options

David Weekly has written an interesting short article entitled: An Introduction to Stock & Options for the Tech Entrepeneur or Startup Employee, and has self-published it on Scribd and Amazon.

It won't instantly qualify you for an MBA program, nor, as he notes, should it be the basis of any legal decisions you make, but it's a clear, well-written, and thorough guide that will make you feel much less helpless and useless should you ever be lucky enough to be part of a venture capital-funded startup.

I wish I'd known all these things when I was 25, when it actually mattered. Of course, the bottom line is still that the investors and executives will be the ones that get rich, while you, the engineer, will do the hard work of designing and building the software, but at least you'll start to be able to understand why they are getting rich and why they keep nattering on about stuff that doesn't seem to matter instead of paying attention to running the company (which you foolishly thought was what they were supposed to be doing).

Heh. OK, Bryan. Down, boy. Pretend you've learned those lessons, and moved on.

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  1. FYI, the Third Edition is now live at the same Scribd link. :)