Friday, July 22, 2011

Sharp words in the Oracle v Google lawsuit

PCWorld carries an extensive report on yesterday's hearing in San Francisco Federal District Court regarding the Oracle v Google patent lawsuit over Java/Android.

Judge Alsup dressed down both sides, first Google:

"You're going to be on the losing end of this document with Andy Rubin on the stand. You think about that," Alsup continued. "And I want to say this: Wilful infringement is final. There are profound implications of a permanent injunction. I'm not saying there is wilful infringement, but that is a serious factor when you're considering an injunction."

then Oracle:

"There's nothing in there but a guy who's being paid $700 an hour who comes up with $6 billion. Come on," Alsup said.


"You lawyers are not going to handcuff the public from knowing what goes on in this federal district court," he snapped. "This is not a wholly-owned subsidiary of Oracle Corporation. "

It's fascinating stuff; the issues are clearly coming to a head now.

Florian Mueller, as always, has more, including links to half-a-dozen other press reports from journalists who attended the hearing.

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