Monday, October 24, 2011

Hot Wheels!

Mmmm... Hot Wheels ... I love Hot Wheels! So I completely loved this video.

The analysis of the track seems pretty reasonable to me; I think the killer question is the cost. Those booster motors aren't cheap!

I wonder if the author of the video has some special access, like he maybe works for Mattel's marketing department or something like that.

I had a childhood friend whose father worked for Mattel (he was a car designer/artist). So it's possible :)

Another possibility is that the video was spliced together out of multiple shots, and the person making the video only had to have enough track supplies for any single shot. That would make the overall resource consumption more reasonable, since no single shot had an unreasonable amount of track/turns/loops/boosters in it.

I wish the video had had more shots of the kids admiring the car running around the track. The first scene was great!

I thought the single least-likely part of the video was where the car jumped into that funnel-like thing and then got going again on the track. I suspect that particular part of the video took multiple shots...

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