Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bowl Season is here!

College Football Bowl Game Season is upon us, filled with memorable events such as "The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl".

With 35 bowl games, you need to know what to watch, and what to miss.

So get prepared, and head on over to Yahoo! Sports's bowl game preview: Dashing through the bowls … and coaching moves.

You'll find useful advice such as this:

Fight Hunger Bowl (25)
Dec. 31
Illinois vs. UCLA

Who has momentum? This is the bowl where momentum goes to die. Bruins have lost three of their past four but still look great compared to an Illinois team that has lost six in a row.

Who has motivation? Tail-spinning teams playing for interim coaches make this a potential low-intensity debacle. But both have hired new coaches who presumably will be watching to see who wants to make an impression heading into 2012.

Who wins a mascot fight? Joe Bruin by default, since Chief Illiniwek was forcibly retired in 2007 and not replaced.

Dash fact: Illinois hasn’t scored more than 17 points in a game since Oct. 8.

Dash pick: UCLA 14, Illinois 10. It’s New Year’s Eve. Find something better to do with your time.

Intriguingly, the two best bowl games of the year look to involve Bay Area teams:

  • The Fiesta Bowl, on Jan 2, features Stanford and Oklahoma State
  • The Holiday Bowl, on Dec 28, features Texas vs. California
Both games should be well-matched, well-played, and quite fun to watch.

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