Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Beyond the Uncanny Valley indeed!

Have you seen the new Tintin movie yet?

Kevin Kelly is absolutely correct: the best movie-makers have now moved solidly Beyond the Uncanny Valley.

I saw the movie in 3D and loved it, but it clearly would have been just as good, and possibly better, in 2D.

I found many parts to love about the movie (I am a huge Herge's Adventures of Tintin fan!), but to pick one particularly special part, I love the scene early in the movie where Tintin is getting his picture painted by a street artist in the market, and as the portrait is completed we see that the picture is the exact image of Tintin from Herge's original books, and then the camera pulls away to show a wall where dozens of street portraits have been pinned up, each one of them a character from the books, done in the original Herge style.

It's just an elegant and graceful nod to the fact that the Spielberg/Jackson team are aware that yes, they have made a hyper-realistic movie of a comic book.

Oh stop reading my blog already and go see the movie! (But go read the book, first!)

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  1. I've seen it in 2D (by choice) and I liked it. There were lots of nice bits for the fans like the case of crab tins sitting on the dock.