Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Some things take a long time; some things go very quickly

Two unrelated items that caught my eye today:

  • Kevin Kelly: The One Minute Vacation
    I took a one-second clip each day on a two-month trip in Asia during April & May 2012. On a few days I just had to do an extra second, so this video is actually 90 seconds long. I was inspired by Ceasar Kuriyama's one-second-per-day life summary.
  • An unending, ten year long game of Civ II that has degraded to eternal war.
    The only governments left are two theocracies and myself, a communist state. I wanted to stay a democracy, but the Senate would always over-rule me when I wanted to declare war before the Vikings did. This would delay my attack and render my turn and often my plans useless. And of course the Vikings would then break the cease fire like clockwork the very next turn.

Juxtaposed for your reading pleasure!

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