Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Online networking class

I happened to notice that Stanford Online is offering an interesting class this fall: An Introduction to Computer Networks

It focuses on explaining how the Internet works, ranging from how bits are modulated on wires and in wireless to application-level protocols like BitTorrent and HTTP. It also explains the principles of how to design networks and network protocols. Students gain experience reading and understanding RFCs (Internet protocol specifications) as statements of what a system should do. The course grounds many of the concepts in current practice and recent developments, such as net neutrality and DNS security.

Sounds interesting; I signed up!

While I wait for October 8th to roll around, I decided to listen to Professor McKeown's SIGCOMM award keynote speech delivered in SIGCOMM 2012, Helsinki..

He's an entertaining speaker and the SIGCOMM keynote is quite interesting.

I hope the class is equally valuable; I'll let you know in a few weeks!

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