Monday, February 11, 2013

The Dark Monk: a very short review

After enjoying his first book, I recently picked up Oliver Potzsch's The Dark Monk, the second in the series The Hangman's Daughter.

I quite enjoyed his first book, and I enjoyed the second as well. Potzsch's skill as a writer continues to improve, and the book flows well and is very enjoyable to read.

The story is good, the characters continue to develop, and the basic premise is quite intriguing.

Still, I must admit to a certain dreariness about the whole thing: life in the 1600's was clearly pretty lousy, and although Jacob Kuisl makes the best of a bad situation, it's still a bad situation.

I could have gone for a bit of sunshine at times.

If you're a fan of mysteries, you'll enjoy Potzsch's work. Start with the first book in the series: The Hangman's Daughter, and if you enjoy that, move on to The Dark Monk.

There's already a third book: The Beggar King; I'm sure I'll be reading it soon!

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