Wednesday, March 27, 2013

BioShock Infinite: a very short GUEST review

From an official family playtester, after a whopping 24 hours of time with BioShock Infinite, comes this:

It's not an "open world" like Skyrim still takes the cake in that regard.

But the detail is incredible!! I character is strolling down the city, there are kids running around chasing confetti, playing with each other, balloons are making shadows...that are realistic....and then I walk around a corner and a trolly car pulls up, with a quartet a capella group, singing a song....not just a short bit, but a full song...and the automated 'drone' other citizens (NPCs) start walking up to the trolly and dancing, listening to the music. and the singers, they're moving! they're dancing and giving it soul! So i waited until their song was finished and kept walking on by.

I played for maybe 2 hours...and moved 5 minutes toward a mission.

There are people interacting with me in ways that have never been done before (except in Skyrim).

You know where a NPC talks at you, but doesn't engage you in a if you stop and listen, you'll get a tip or quest...yeah

It's a deeply layered game, and I already love it.

Gotta hurry up and finish me that Kingdoms of Amalur, don't I ?!

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