Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I continue to be baffled by e-book pricing

I felt like I wanted to re-read Watership Down; it's been 35 years since I read it and I'd like to re-explore it.

On Amazon, I can find:

  • New ("mass market") paperback editions for $6.50
  • Used paperback editions for less than $1.00 (+shipping)
  • New paperback edition from Amazon is $13.00
  • Kindle edition is $11.00

Does anybody actually pay $11.00 for the Kindle edition of a book you can get for half that price?

I thought about just getting the pirated version from the Internet, but decided instead to buy a used copy for $3.00.

I find the whole Kindle thing bizarre. It's such a gorgeous device, but in practice I'm buying almost no content for it.

As the kids say, "just saying."

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