Sunday, November 17, 2013

World Chess Championship game 6: Carlsen wins again!

Game 6 of the 2013 World Chess Championship was another decisive result, as Magnus Carlsen won again, this time with the black pieces.

In game 6, Anand had white, and opened with 1. e4, and the game proceeded into classic lines of the Ruy Lopez defense.

The middle game was complex, but on move 30, as all the major pieces (though not the queens) were coming off the board, Anand was left with a weakened double e pawn.

By move 40, Carlsen had won that weakened pawn, and again we had a rook + pawn endgame with Carlsen up by a pawn.

By move 62, after extensive maneuvering, the tables had turned, and Anand had the pawn advantage, but Carlsen's pawn was advanced and his king was perfectly positioned.

By move 67, it was all over.

The score is now: Carlsen 4.0 - Anand 2.0.

The match is halfway over, and Carlsen has a tremendous advantage.

Will Anand come back? Today was a rest day, so tomorrow is game 7.

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