Monday, January 13, 2014

Europa Report: a very short review

I don't watch many Sci Fi movies, but I happened to check out last summer's Europa Report, now available on streaming services like Netflix.

I thought this review did a super job of describing the movie, including this:

The film is inspired by the real-life 2011 discovery of water beneath the ice of Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons. In the film, directed with a combination of technical flair and great calm by Sebastian Cordero, a private firm run by Dr. Samantha Unger (Embeth Davidtz) sends a crew to Europa, to see if there is life in that water.

A group of scientists blasts off for Jupiter, a trip we see through found footage and the many cameras that operate inside the vessel. To say that the trip is low-key is probably an understatement, but the patience with which Cordero paces this part of the film leads to a more realistic experience. Between the scientific jargon — just enough, without being off-putting — and the way the film is structured, it plays like the documentary it purports to be.

The last 5 minutes of the movie are kind of a mess, but overall it was quite enjoyable.

It appears that the Netflix suggestion engine actually suggested a movie I liked!

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