Thursday, March 6, 2014

Satoshi is ...

... Satoshi?

At least, that's what Newsweek claims: The Face Behind Bitcoin

Of course, there is also the chance "Satoshi Nakamoto" is a pseudonym, but that raises the question why someone who wishes to remain anonymous would choose such a distinctive name. It was only while scouring a database that contained the registration cards of naturalized U.S. citizens that a Satoshi Nakamoto turned up whose profile and background offered a potential match. But it was not until after ordering his records from the National Archives and conducting many more interviews that a cohesive picture began to take shape.

Temple City, eh? I remember my mom used to take me to the skateboard park by the Whittier Narrows dam, which is only a mile from Temple City.

Newsweek even runs a picture.

Let the madness begin.

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  1. Paranoia; Security; Privacy; Secrecy; Competition. vs. Openness; Sharing; Publicity; Cooperation. The fact that nearly all the commenters to the Newsweek article excoriated the author shows that love and the flower children have been overpowered by conspiracies and police. What happens to the search for truth?