Thursday, May 22, 2014

Shadowrun Returns: a very short review

I happened to pick up Shadowrun Returns on Steam the other day.

It was on sale, and I had been wanting it for a while (it's about a year old I think), so I jumped when I saw the sale.

It's very simple: this is totally my sort of game, and TOTALLY a fun game.

Shadowrun Returns is sort of an RPG: you have a character, and your character goes on quests, and your character develops, and you can make choices about what to do next.

Shadowrun Returns is sort of a tactical turn-based combat game: when you are in a fight, you and your enemy alterate turns, and on each turn you make a tactical decision about where to move, what cover to seek, what weapon to fire, which enemy to fire upon, etc. In that way, Shadowrun Returns kind of reminds me of XCOM.

And Shadowrun Returns is sort of an interactive novel: it's kind of a mystery story, in which the overall plot device is that of a "who-done-it", and as you go traveling around you have various conversations with characters and sub-plots and twists and turns.

That is, it's sort of a mystery story if Raymond Chandler wrote detective stories involving cyborgs, trolls, orcs, and shamanistic mages, and set it in a post-apocalyptic version of Seattle.

Yeah, yeah, that's what it is: a tactical turn-based RPG mystery novel.

Well, whatever it is, I really dig it.

If any of that sounds like it's your cup of tea, go give Shadowrun Returns a try.

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