Monday, June 16, 2014

What a glorious start!

The injury impact is substantial; not just Altidore's leg, but Dempsey's broken nose, and the leg injuries to Besler and Bedoya.

And what is wrong with Michael Bradley? He just didn't look right, all game. Thank goodness Jermaine Jones played out of his head, and Kyle Beckerman was his usual unflappable self. Was it just a formation thing? Or is Bradley ill or injured?

But what a game! Exciting from start to finish, my heart in my throat, as wave after wave attacked and attacked and attacked.

The equalizer seemed inevitable, but then they didn't fade, and as Brooks rose to meet Zusi's perfect corner pass, my triumphant shout must have alarmed not just the neighbors but the entire neighborhood!

Six Days To Portugal.

I suspect Klinsmann will just send everybody to their rooms and make them sleep for 48 hours; we fans need that at least ourselves.

But there is no let-up for the fans, as (gasp!) Brazil-Mexico awaits tomorrow...

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