Saturday, May 23, 2015

Stephen Curry is playing at an astonishing level

I was never a good basketball player, but I love to watch the game; I think it is the best televised sport.

And Stephen Curry is playing at a simply astonishing level.

The last time I saw a player playing at this level, it was 1991, and his name was Michael Jordan.

They're very different players, but Curry is really doing something remarkable.

Oh, and by the way: Curry's current coach, the one who seems to have figured out how to elevate Curry's play that final little bit until he's truly above and beyond anyone else around him on the court?

None other than Steve Kerr, who was Jordan's teammate during the great "3-peat" years of 1995-1997.

Astonishing talent, coupled with a superb coach: total joy to behold.

This is why sports, when it finds that magical something, is the most fascinating entertainment.

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