Thursday, February 4, 2016

Some links on large object support in git

  • Storing large binary files in git repositories
    there are multiple 3rd party implementations that will try to solve the problem, many of them using similar paradigm as a solution. In this blog post I will go through seven alternative approaches for handling large binary files in Git repositories with respective their pros and cons.
  • Git Annex vs. Git LFS
    my experience with Annex is that it’s full-featured and a bit less focused in its approach. It’s easy enough to check in files and sync them among various locations, but there are also testing tools, a web-based GUI, and lots of options you can use in different situations. The git-annex project site reveals a lot: plenty of features, updates, discussions, and enough threads that some sort of trail off.

    Git LFS is at the other end of things: a bit nicer-looking, a bit more straightforward, and significantly simpler. Tack it on to your repository, tell it what kind of files to watch, and then pretty much forget about it. If you check in a file (with a normal git add whatever.mp4), the magic happens via a pre-push hook where LFS will check your watch list and spring into action if needed. It otherwise blends in after minimal configuration.

  • git-annex v6
    This new unlocked file mode uses git's smudge/clean filters, and I was busy developing it all through December. It started out playing catch-up with git-lfs somewhat, but has significantly surpassed it now in several ways.

    So, if you had tried git-annex before, but found it didn't meet your needs, you may want to give it another look now.

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