Saturday, February 4, 2017

Hazard wondergoal

If you have no idea who Eden Hazard is, well: pay attention, as the young 26-year-old Belgian footballer is surely one of the greatest athletes you can watch, in any sport, these days.

His recent goal v. Arsenal is astonishing!

He takes the ball in his own half, and single-handedly races half the length of the field to score unassisted.

Moreover: for nearly the entire duration of his run, the camera shows nothing else but six Arsenal defenders plus Peter Cech (who's as much a spectator in this whole thing as me).

Not a single other Chelsea teammate is able even to be visible in the camera's lens until after the ball has already left Hazard's foot on the final strike.

That view is amazing: a sea of red, but no fear from Hazard. An ordinary player would surely have aborted the run and taken the ball to the side, but no: Hazard takes on two defenders simultaneously in the penalty box, calmly feints one to the left and the other to the right, then blasts the ball past Mr. Rooted-in-the-ground Cech, and it's over.

I love the part when someone (I think it's maybe Coquelin, #34?) climbs on Hazard's back and goes for about a 5-meter ride, then is shrugged to the side as Hazard plows on.


If Chelsea continue to play at this level for the remainder of the season, their final title will be a well-deserved one.

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