Saturday, July 15, 2017

Up, up, and away

They've taken the construction cranes and elevators down from the Salesforce Tower, as construction is nearly complete.

Of course, those cranes go somewhere; they don't just disappear.

It turns out there's a company which pays a lot of attention to this, and issues periodic reports about where all the cranes are.

In the whole world!

Anyway, if you wanted to know, The Seattle Times digests the report for you: Seattle is again crane capital of America, but lead is shrinking

Seattle has again been named the crane capital of America, as the local construction boom shows little sign of slowing in 2017.

Seattle had 62 cranes dotting the skyline at the end of 2016, the most in the country, according to Rider Levett Bucknall, a firm that tracks cranes across the world. That’s up from 58 in the middle of last year.

The company releases tower crane counts twice a year. In the last update, Seattle had an 18-crane lead over second-place Los Angeles.

But this time, a surge in construction in Chicago has catapulted the Midwest city into second, with 56 cranes, just six shy of Seattle. Los Angeles has dropped to third on the list with 29.

So now you know: Seattle really is where it's happening.

If you're a construction crane.

If you're that other sort of crane, Bosque del Apache, New Mexico is where it's happening.

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