Wednesday, August 30, 2017

It's (de-)construction time!

Original East Span Demolition One Year Ahead of Schedule, Saving CA Millions

Caltrans today announced the demolition schedule for the remaining 13 marine foundations of the original East Span of the Bay Bridge, including a series of implosions anticipated over several weekends this fall, with a projected completion date by the end of 2017. The series of implosions to demolish the 1936 concrete structures are scheduled for six weekends, starting Labor Day Weekend, September 2, and then every other weekend through mid-November 2017. Caltrans will be combining multiple piers on certain demolition dates, allowing the demolition work to be completed a year ahead of schedule, saving taxpayers nearly $10 million.

Caltrans blasting away 13 of 19 remaining piers from old Bay Bridge this weekend

CHP officers will close off the Bay Bridge to traffic for at least a half hour. Highway patrol boats on the water will keep recreational boaters at least 1,500 feet away, and BART will delay trains going through the Transbay Tube for 15 minutes while the work takes place.

Will these operations be using the "bubble curtain"?

I'm not sure, but I think so. The answer lies here: Toll Bridge Program Oversight Committee: Meeting Materials: August 29, 2017

With the experience gained in 2015 on Pier E3, and in 2016 on Piers E4 and E5, this year Caltrans is combining multiple piers on demolition dates, saving a year of work and over $10 million by accelerating the implosion schedule for the original Bay Bridge marine piers. Caltrans and Kiewit‐Manson, AJV, have gained the support throughout from environmental regulatory agencies for permits supporting this innovative implosion method that minimizes any impact to marine life during debris removal in the San Francisco Bay.  These innovative controlled charges have been shown to be more efficient and the environmentally preferable alternative to traditional marine foundation removal.

Out with the old.

On we go.

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