Saturday, June 23, 2018

Up, up, and away!

OK, this is definitely not what we want to hear: New San Francisco Tower Project Tied to Newly Tilting FDIC Building

Construction on what will become San Francisco’s second tallest building appears to be causing the 20-story building next door to tilt, NBC Bay Area has learned.


Before and after images show new cracks that developed in the concrete wall that faces the Oceanwide project, began soon after crews started boring holes some 200 feet down to anchor the 900 foot tall tower to bedrock.


NBC Bay Area has learned rooftop measurements indicate the FDIC building is now tilting more than 1.5 inches toward the site of the nearby Oceanwide tower at First and Mission streets.

I'm not sure I understand how they measure "tilting more than 1.5 inches".

But I DO know which building it's tilting TOWARD.

And it's not my friend Andrew's building, at 525 Market.


It's MY building, again.

Now buildings on both sides of my building are tilting toward me.

It's like my building is some sort of skyscraper magnet.


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