Wednesday, March 27, 2019

This seems pointless to me...

... I visit

... It shows me a story that looks interesting.

... I click on the link

... The web site loads, displays the same headline that I saw on, and then puts up a pop-up saying that I've reached my article limit and would I like to subscribe?

Nowadays, I just scan, and don't bother clicking on most of the links, unless I'm sure that they're to a site, like reuters or cnn or bbc, that isn't going to refuse to show me their article.

I realize that, for the most part, that means that I am that worst of news consumers, the headline-only reader.

So I compromise and I read the entire newspaper once a week, on Sunday.

It seems like not much happens between one Sunday and the next, actually, anyway.

So maybe I'm not missing much.

And I have more time to read books.

And play God of War.

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