Tuesday, May 21, 2019

I entirely concur ...

... with this philosophy: 60 Days of Light

The phrase “60 Days of Light” first entered my vocabulary a few years ago in St. Petersburg, Russia (I don’t recall the Russian expression, but thats the rough translation). They are so far north they have almost continuous day light during this period, the sun barely sets, and when it does finally dip below the horizon, it is well after midnight. From mid-May (now) until mid-July, the darkest it gets is between sunset and sunrise look like dusk; Even around 2 a.m., the effect of sunset is muted and short-lived.

Love that graph of St. Petersburg!

(Of course, we have recently been spending the first of our 60 days with this: the second half of May 2019 will be the wettest in CA history for many locations., but still.)

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