Tuesday, June 25, 2019

How to spend your June vacation

You're going to be tired after your very long airplane journey.

So you should have some Hand-rolled ice cream.

Or maybe have a cool drink on the patio at Les Crepes

Or even make a day trip to Charlottesville to take in the mountain air

Then, once everything is all set up

And you've had your rehearsal

Then it'll be time to put on your fancy clothes

(Looking good!)

And attend the real ceremony

(Even if your granddaughter finds part of it a little boring)

The end of the ceremony will involve handfasting!

And everyone will be cheering!

And then it's time for the party!

Which means spending time with family

Family, new and old

Three generations!

And spending time with friends

And other traditions, such as the father-daughter dance

And the second line parasol procession

Oh, a wonderful vacation indeed

1 comment:

  1. What a grand moment beautifully captured with all the pictures and concise captions! Thanks for sending this! XORZ