Wednesday, June 17, 2020

How is your county doing?

In California, COVID activity and protocols currently vary county-by-county.

Some counties are doing extremely well, some counties are struggling. And that simple summary contains within it a richness of complexity, variation, and nuance.

If you want to understand this at a deeper level, I recently found that the California Department of Public Health has quite a bit more information that you can see:

  • County Data Monitorting. This page contains a narrative-style summary of the counties which are currently receiving extra support from the state as they attempt to deal with the particular situations and challenges that apply to them.
  • County Data Table. This page is a very terse (yet still quite substantial) summarization of the current situation in each county along an array of different metrics.

Each county is different, and the description of the particular challenges and obstacles each county is facing is something that I find simultaneously fascinating and heartbreaking. I won't try to summarize it; if you're interested, please go read.

Knowledge is power, as they say.

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