Saturday, July 11, 2020

Sometimes there are things I realize only slowly.

Having never worked at home before, at least not in the sense of Working At Home, where you are working at home 5 days a week, 12 hours a day, for months on end, I really had no idea what it would mean.

So, content in my ignorance, I just pulled a chair up to the spare desk in the spare bedroom, plunked my computer down on it, and started Working At Home.

After only a couple days, I got myself a better chair.

After a week or two, I plugged in an old spare computer monitor, so I had two monitors.

I continued to fiddle with the setup, adding a mouse so I didn't need to use the trackpad, improving the ventilation and lighting, leveling up to a new much better monitor, etc.

One thing that I didn't understand, though, is that when two people who have been Working At The Office for decades, suddenly both decide that they are going to be Working At Home full time, there is suddenly a big shift in the space usage in the house.

That is, we brought all sorts of New Office Furniture And Gear And Stuff into the house.

And all the stuff that we already had in the house, began overflowing, stacked on counters, stuffed into closets, shoved into shelves in the garage.

You can't just bring a mountain of new stuff into the house, without displacing a more-or-less equivalent amount of Existing Stuff.

So finally, we came to our senses and admitted what was happening.

And now we have a storage locker (actually, a second storage locker) at our friendly neighborhood storage facility.

I'm telling myself that this is short-term, that in a few months we're going to jettison all this Important Office Work Stuff from the house, and bring back the Personal Stuff We Didn't Have Room For.

You know, that is, when life gets back to how it was.

Yes, I realize I'm still lying to myself.

But I'm not drowning in stuff. At least for now.

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