Sunday, August 23, 2020

Crazy Weather

When we first moved to the Bay Area, in 1988, we packed all our inclement weather clothes with the rest of our New England belongings, and had them shipped to us.

For we knew we were heading to sunny California!

Shortly after we got here, there were 4 days of drizzly, drenchy, dull, rainy days.

And all our umbrellas, all our coats, all our nice rubber boots?

Packed away safely, in the moving van, which was somewhere around Omaha, Nebraska at that point.

Anyway, now I at least know that mid-August is Summer Monsoon weather, and when the Eastern Pacific hurricanes wander about, they can be a mite threatening:

National Weather Service San Francisco Bay Area
318 PM PDT Sun Aug 23 2020

..Elevated moisture and instability from former Hurricane Genevieve will move over the region this weekend through early next week and bring the threat of elevated thunderstorms across much of Northern California. A low pressure system off the coast may enhance and strengthen these thunderstorms allowing some to develop frequent lighting strikes and gusty erratic outflow winds. These erratic gusty outflow winds can lead to potentially dangerous and unpredictable fire behavior on existing wildfires while additional lightning strikes may result in new wildfire starts.

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