Saturday, October 31, 2020

Nice profile of Matt Levine in the NYT

As anyone who's spent more than 15 minutes with me knows, I think that Matt Levine is the best writer on the Internet.

Not just the best writer on finance, the best writer, period.

Levine manages to educate, entertain, and explain all at once. Moreover, he actually makes you want to learn more about finance. Which isn't something that you ever thought you wanted, but once you've had a good solid dose of Levine, you'll want to learn more and more and more about how finance actually works and how people across the world use its basic tools to come to agreement on all sorts of things.

So, anyway, I loved this nice profile of Levine that ran in the NYT a few weeks ago: A Columnist Makes Sense of Wall Street Like None Other (See Footnote).

Each weekday, Mr. Levine, 42, wakes up at 5 in the morning. He looks at what’s going on in the markets, scrolls through emails from readers and plugs into the chatter of early-to-work traders. Then he starts to write. Roughly 5,000 words later on a long-winded day, he files Money Stuff to his editor, and it’s sent to subscribers around noon. (His column is currently on a parental leave hiatus, and will return this winter.)

Mr. Levine’s favorite subjects include insider trading statutes, bond-market liquidity and the ubiquity of securities fraud, but his columns are never boring. They may be the only entertaining words a financial markets professional reads all day.

Levine's family has been growing, and he's been taking some (well-deserved) breaks, but you can find lots of his back catalog on the Internet, and hopefully he'll be back before too long helping to make sense of our crazy world for all his hundreds of thousands of followers. Me included.

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