Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Infrared Roses: a very short review

I have this weird album that I pull out of a drawer once every few years.

It’s called Infrared Roses. A guy named Bob Bralove was a sound board guy for the last decade or so of the original Dead, and he was a particular fan of those “in between “ jams, where they haven’t finished one song but are already starting the next one.

So he collected about a dozen of his favorite such segments from the tapes, gave them fanciful names ("Little Nemo in Nightland", "Silver Apples of the Moon", "Magnesium Night Light", etc.), and released it as an album.

As music, it's somewhere in the nether regions between rock, acid jazz, and experimental music.

Anyway it’s fascinating I think, it’s like a show where they took out all the songs and what you get is what was left.

Bryan sez: give it a try some day! Happy holidays 🙂

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