Thursday, March 11, 2021

Where are the CDC getting their numbers about Missouri COVID?

I don't understand why the CDC COVID Data Tracker is showing such strange numbers for Missouri.

Here's the map:

And here's the top of the numbers that are behind that map:

I've searched all around the Internet, and nobody else seems to be reporting that Missouri are recording 12,000 new cases a day.

But the other top states that I checked (California, Texas, Florida, Illinois, New York) seem to be matching the numbers that you can find on the state websites. (FWIW, here's the Missouri COVID dashboard, showing that they are currently getting appx 350 new cases per day, state wide.)

I'm puzzled: what's going on here?

UPDATE: Buried in a footnote on the CDC page, we find:

On 08 March 2021, Texas reported 1,295 and Missouri reported 81,806 historical counts of probable cases. This raised the total number of new cases in both Texas, Missouri, and the U.S. during on this day and correspondingly affects the 7-day rolling average of new cases. Without the inclusion of these probable cases in COVID Data Tracker for 08 March 2021, the resultant new cases in the United States on 08 March 2021 would be 41,237.

I guess I wasn't the only person who was puzzled.

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