Friday, December 3, 2021

WCC 2021 Sixth game is not a draw!

The first 5 games were all King Pawn games, but on game six Carlsen opened with the Queen Pawn.

On move 26, Carlsen exchanged his Queen for two Rooks.

Then on move 80, Carlsen exchanged one Rook for a Bishop and two Pawns, leaving Carlsen with Rook, Knight, and three Pawns, while Nepomniachtchi had Queen and Pawn.

The game proceeded, well into its sixth hour by now.

On move 113, a pair of Pawns were exchanged, and it was now Rook, Knight, and two Pawns against Queen.

The game proceeded, move by agonizing move, becoming (by far) the longest game of a World Chess Championship ever, I believe?

By move 130, Carlsen's first Pawn was on the fifth rank. By move 133, it was on the sixth rank, and by move 135 the second Pawn had advanced to the fifth rank to support it.

Nepomniachtchi resigned on the 136 move.

So six of the scheduled fourteen games are complete, and the score is 5 draws, 1 win.

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