Friday, July 29, 2022

Some Wordles are strangely hard.

Steep, stamp, stump, stomp.

When you start out with 3 letters in the correct positions, you feel unreasonably aggravated when it takes you 4 total guesses to find the final word.

Then the very next day we caught a break and found the answer on the second guess (very rare for us, our average is about 3.5)

I find doubled letters very hard. Madam was one of our rare 6-guesses.

I also don't have a good understanding of Wordle's treatment of plurals. It seems like Wordle will very rarely choose a word such as 'nails' or 'belts' as the final word, but it will happily accept such guesses from us. So when we get an 's', we try to avoid guessing a simple 4 letter plural. If that's a true understanding of Wordle's behavior, it suggests that the game has two dictionaries, or at least some sort of additional logic in the selection of the daily word to downplay simple plurals.

After 190 games, we've never guessed the word on our first guess.

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