Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Vaccine heh

I realized the other day that it'd been 9 months since I got my third COVID-19 vaccination (my first booster). Since I'm over 61, and it is suggested that a second booster would be valuable, and since my calendar had an opening that matched the pharmacy's schedule, I went online and scheduled my appointment.

The online system asked me if I wanted Pfizer or Moderna, so I picked one.

My appointment date came, and I got to the pharmacy and told the pharmacist I was here for my COVID booster appointment.

Well, as I guess everyone in the world knows, between the time that I made my appointment, and the time of my appointment, a new booster shot was approved.

The Safeway Pharmacy computer had scheduled me for an appointment for the regular booster.

Which is no longer available, since now there is a new booster.

So Safeway canceled my appointment (although they didn’t tell me when they did that, they just waited for me to show up).

I guess their computer couldn't just switch my appointment to the new booster.

Although that probably couldn't have worked, because the Safeway Pharmacy doesn't have the new booster, either.

Right now, they don't have any booster at all.

I apparently can make a new appointment sometime in the future and it will be for the new booster, but I can’t do that until they get the new booster, and they don’t know when that will be.

So, there you go. I still only have a single booster shot. But that's better than nothing, so it's fine. It's all fine.

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