Thursday, March 30, 2023

Corporate Goddesses revisited

Nearly six years ago, I wrote about my observations of 580 California's "Corporate Goddesses".

Today, I noticed that a more recent story had been published on SFGate: The story behind the 'Grim Reaper' building that watches over downtown San Francisco.

The story, apparently, was at least somewhat inspired by a new goddess, who now inhabits the 580 California lobby:

The lobby on the ground floor of 580 California was recently remodeled. The redesign included the installation of a smaller, orange version of Castanis' vision. The designers described the statue’s orange makeover as “both a continuity, a wit, and an extension of the most unique aspect of the building in a fresh new manner.” It stands unnoticed to most, by an empty gray chair in the corner of the lobby, as bankers and delivery people hurry to and fro. A more accessible, and far less chilling version of the 12 macabre icons 23 floors above.

Next time I'm in that area, I'll have to pay the newest goddess a visit!

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  1. Broken link on "by a new goddess, who now inhabits the 580 California lobby" which I was able to deduce. I will have to visit the orange thing