Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A homage to constrained writing

This is the geekiest paean you will read today, this week, this month, or probably this year.

Still, I enjoyed the short essay, and even more enjoyed following the links to all the D.R.H. material. Perhaps it's time to go try Metamagical Themas, for I have such good memories of GEB:EGB.

Most interesting tidbit I discovered, having a son who presently resides in Chico, was this:

for many vacations, a handful of my pals and I would go up with Laura and my folks to our family’s ranch in Flournoy, in north California, not far from Corning, in softly rolling hills with lots of oaks. Laura had fun riding Chico, my folks had fun rounding up and branding cows and bulls, and all of us had fun chatting, hiking, skipping rocks, playing darts and “foot carroms”, arranging and lighting kindling and logs, fixing roofs, tossing hay to always-hungry cows, and so on.

I know the feeling; for many years, I would bundle up my wife and children and drag them down to Ridgecrest, to our family's not-quite-a-ranch, for their annual exposure to mountains and rocks and wind and sand and a view that went on and on for seventy miles from the front doorstep.

I haven't yet made it to Flournoy, but since I've mostly exhausted the various short day trips near Chico, it's good to now have another one to put on the list.

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