Thursday, February 11, 2010

Some changes in my work life

I'm actually quite excited about the implications of the recent changes in my day job. Finally, the software I've been pouring my life into for the last 8.5 years will be backed by the resources and market reach of the largest software company on the planet!

At a personal level, there will be a number of changes. I'm sad that I'll no longer get to commute to work with my wife; it's been a wonderful six year run of our shared commute. And I'm sad that I'll lose my beautiful private window office. AmberPoint's executive team is a very enlightened group who really understand the importance of a great work environment for software engineering, and I've tremendously enjoyed being able to work in Greg's team.

But overall, I'm hopeful about the future, and looking forward to learning more as the details are revealed.

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