Saturday, November 13, 2010

Apple contributes their Java technology to OpenJDK

According to this press release, Apple will be contributing their Java technology to OpenJDK.

The Register's take is that

In effect, Oracle has recognised it needs Apple - and by extension, its Mac Apps Store - to be a friend... hence today's happy-clappy OpenJDK love-in.

MacWorld's Dan Moren observes that

Apple seems to be hoping that it's progressing to a point where Flash and Java aren't critical technologies for most Mac users--and that users who do need those technologies will be more than capable of downloading and installing them themselves

Henrik Stahl has a short blog post, encouraging interested parties to join the OpenJDK community, or to apply for a job at Oracle, and noting:

This announcement is the result of a discussion between Oracle and Apple that has been going on for some time. I understand that the uncertainty since Apple's widely circulated "deprecation" of Java has been frustrating, but due to the nature of these things we have neither wanted to or been able to communicate before. That is as it is, I'm afraid.

It's not clear that this sort of behavior from the Oracle-IBM-Apple triumvirate is going to have people chanting "who put the 'open' in 'OpenJDK'?"...

Still, it's better news for the future of Java-on-the-Mac than might have been, so fans of Java are pleased, I'm sure.

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