Thursday, November 11, 2010

As the Pac-10 becomes the Pac-12, what happens to the B-Ball schedules?

Currently, the Pac-10 basketball schedule contains 18 conference games: each team plays each other team twice, home-and-away.

The Pac-10 is adding two new teams: Colorado and Utah, to become the Pac-12. So how does this affect the schedule? If each team were to play each other team home-and-away each year, that would be a 22 game conference schedule!

Well, because I knew you were all fascinated about this little detail, I went and found out the answer:

The Pac-10 Conference announced today the specific details surrounding the 2011-12 Pac-12 men’s basketball schedule, as well as the 10-year rotation model for scheduling.

The conference schedule will continue to be comprised of 18 games for each institution and will maintain the travel partner in a non-divisional format. Each year, the schedule will include games against an institution’s traditional rival both home and away, which means that Cal and Stanford will continue their annual home-and-home series. In addition, each school will play six other opponents both home and away (for two consecutive years), and four opponents on a single-game basis-two at home and two away. Those single-play opponents will rotate every two years.

For the full details, you can already find next year's conference schedule here!

Meanwhile, to balance all that press-release content with some content of my own, here's my brief trip report from last night's exhibition game between California and Sonoma State:

106 points! Woo-hoo!

The good news:
- Harper Kamp is back! He seems to have lost about 25 pounds, but he
still seems big enough to play inside, and he looked energetic. And
he still always seems to be in the right place at the right time.
I'm quite happy that he was able to recover from that injury, and he
looked just overjoyed to be back out playing again.

- Jorge will be a great point guard. He is confident and doesn't get
rattled, and he passes well. And he can get to the hoop when he needs to.

- Allen Crabbe has potential to be very exciting. And Gary Franklin
and Richard Solomon look good, too. Crabbe and Solomon were high-school teammates.

The scary news is that the team is incredibly young and raw. They looked
like deer trapped in the headlights far too often. They are going to
get absolutely SHELLACKED a few times before they get some experience.
With only 3 experienced players, and with Sanders-Frison still suffering
from that foul trouble issue, it's going to be up to Gutierrez and Kamp
to hold the team together for the first few months.

If Gutierrez can stay healthy enough to play 35 minutes a game, and if
Montgomery can keep the team's morale up through a few early season
whompings (Kansas 114, Cal 74 ??), it will be fun to watch coach put the
new team together.

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